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Welcome to JT Pediatrics!

Looking for a compassionate, family-centered pediatric office? Look no further. At JT Pediatrics, our commitment is to help children reach their highest potential by working with parents to promote and maintain their child’s physical and emotional well-being from birth up through college years. We continuously strive to meet and exceed our patients’ expectations while maintain the highest standards of excellence. JT Pediatrics offers comprehensive pediatric care, including same day sick visits, route well care, immunization, and sports physicals.
Call us at (908) 443-1362 to schedule an appointment.

NJ Kid's Doc

Dr. Erlikhman makes being a new mother a lot less scary. She goes above and beyond to explain every little thing to you. She is calm and soothing and not only does my daughter appreciate that but I do as well. It is very clear she cares so deeply for your child you could even take her advice blindly and know she would never steer you wrong. She is easily available and is always eager to help. She makes me feel confident in my mothering and listens to what I have to say. I can't imagine going to another doctor instead of her.

Shea D'Andrea

Accepting Patients

At this point we are only accepting newborns. We are actively looking for a CMA to help us in day-to-day activities and as soon as we fill the role, we will open the panel up again. If you know someone, ask them to send their resume to support@jtpediatrics.com

Grand Opening

Call for your appointment now at (908) 443-1362. You can find more information about the location in the section "Location"

If you need to fax us, our number is (908) 443-1352.

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(BACK IN STOCK) Flu injectable vaccines

Influenza (flu) vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body about two weeks after vaccination. These antibodies provide protection against infection with the flu viruses that are used to make vaccine.

Call us to schedule an appointment! (Existing patients only).

FAQ from CDC - 2023-2024 season.

Health Insurance

We accept almost all major insurance policies. No Medicaid (or NJ Family Care). Please call us to confirm whether your insurance policy is accepted.

NJ Kid's Doctor'

NJFAMILY.COM has asked its readers and they answered with a resounding "yes!". Dr. Erlikhman has been selected as an honored member of Trademark Who’s Who in 2013-2014 and has been named yet again as one of “NJ Favorite Kids’s Docs” in 2016-2023

Our Office

Our building is located in the middle of Martinsville, not too far from the Martinsville School building.

The entrance to the office is in the back, next to Podiatrist's office.

Click "Location" tab on the left to see the map and Street View and if you would like directions, here is the address: 2003 Washington Valley Rd., Martinsville, NJ 08836

Front of the building
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